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Special Notice

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement we are Opening ART2art District here in Tivoli Village at Suite 120A on November 16th.



I am Heiko and I am the owner of the ART 2 art Gallery @ Tivoli Village.
Thank you for reading and taking interest in our cause.
I have been working with Artists for over 30 years.

If you were an Artist in beautiful Las Vegas, you do have to overcome a lot of hurdles to sell your Art to the local community. And this is where YOU and me can make the difference in helping the "Starving Artists". 😉

YES – there is a large Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas with the well known First Friday – but according to most Artists (and my expertise) it does not bring them the right clients in to make a living. It is more like a Foodie/Woodie Festival with “more Food Trucks than Artists” (Comment on the Arts District Facebook Website). And renting a space there can cost the Artist a fortune ... ;-(
Don't get me wrong - it is a nice event - just not for the majority of our Local Artists. ;-(

Most Artist will not sell one piece of Art during the First Friday (their mainly everything event of the month !!) although there are 3-5,000 people at the venue having a party. The Food/Booze Trucks are doing it.

Now WHY is the very BIG question – and I do have the answer for you, for us and for the Artists:

Most of us locals are avoiding the Strip and Downtown. Plus I always make the jokes of parking at the Bail-Bonds and having only Nick Nack outside and mainly 1 or last time 2 artists that do a Live-Painting at the event. It is not the Arts District that it was many many years ago !!!!

And all the homes that are being developed on the West Side of Town that are looking for Art, are mainly doing so online - what a pity – as that does not really support the Local Artist Community from Las Vegas.


As a solution to the above problem we came up with a concept called ART 2 art district @ Tivoli Village.
With Tivoli Village being the most beautiful Shopping Center in Vegas and having Free Parking, a wonderful Architecture, some of the Best Restaurants in Town - a Destination for ART.

Unfortunately our Gallery is too small to help all Local Artists – we do at present support 10-12 in our spaces but we would like to do MORE with YOUR HELP !!!

There is 15,000 sq ft of empty space on top of our Gallery (3000 sq ft) that is available and this space is attached with a beautiful staircase and an elevator from/thru the Gallery plus an external elevator from the main lobby.

There are 20 shops up there where 2 or 3 artists would share a space and use it as their Studios and Sales Shop. We would be able to have 40-60+ Local Artists in this Concept, helping them to reach New Customers that they would not get.

Plus our Motto would be:
ART 2 art district @ Tivoli Village - WHERE FIRST FRIDAY IS EVERY DAY !!!

The upper space has a Wine-Bar/Restaurant which we would re-open into an Arts-Café and Wine & Cheese Bar. All good and necessary to bring in even more Customers for the Local Artists.
Saturdays and Sundays we will have additional spaces for 20-30 Artists in the Piazza and on the Social Saturday Events/Farmers Markets.

BUT – we need YOUR HELP to make this concept happen.

We are a too small company to get this handled all by ourselves. We are doing a lot for all of our Artists already – and we see how much it brings for each of them – so only TOGETHER we can make it happen. We would be grateful for any contribution to this case as it is very much in our hearts to help our Local Community Artists to make a living or even better.

As the space is very big, we would need help in getting the down payment and the first month of renthandled – which we will credit the Artist the first month. One Artist paid $2,600 for her Studio at the Art District - she will get hers here for $150-400 !! That will make a BIG difference.

To help all the Artists with their moving and later on deliveries to their customers, we would need a small old UHaul truck – which we would need to buy – or we are happy to take it as a gift if you don’t need yours anymore.

Now – the next step for making the Artist successful is to get them materials that are not crazy expensive. Canvas, Stretcher Bars and Colors, Resin,  etc. If you are looking at Art-Supply Stores you wonder how they can be sooooo expensive. And that does not have to be. We have supplied our Artists with all of the above for Net/Net pricing – as we want them to succeed. We would need to get a one time start supply as for 40-50 Artists – unfortunately we will not be able to buy all these materials, but with your help we can give this advantage to our Local Artists.

Next point is the security and insurance of the space. As we plan to have it as an as much open environment as possible – so we will need to secure all spaces with video surveillance and for sure insure the space which cost we do not want to put this burden on the Artists. At least not at the beginning. Once they start seeing the revenues coming in, they might want to have their own insurance/liability, etc.

We also will need to do a bit of Marketing and are creating an Online Forum for all of our Local Artists - which is already in development and will be ready when the ART 2 art District opens its doors.

We do estimate the complete investment needed to $48-55,000, which we are trying to take as much as we can.

(I am not allowed to publicly show the rent and downpayment for the space - but if you are interested - come on over and I can show you the complete cost analysis - we will gladly be sharing it with you)

We are happy that you have read our motion until this point and we assure you that we value every Cent that will be contributed to our concept. Be it a contribution of Money, Art Supplies for the Artists, a small Van/Truck – whatever brings us closer to our Goal of helping our Local Artists … THANK YOU !!! You are an AMAZING supporter.

And therefore we don’t only want to THANK you – but to GIVE BACK to all of YOU who have made a donation to us and your Local Artist:

Please have a look at our Reward Levels and if you rather have an ART 2 art - Membership Card with your Donation paid back 10% at every purchase you do – we are happy to do that instead.

All in All it should be a WIN-WIN for all three of us:

·      We want you to benefit from our concept – as stated right above … We GIVE BACK to you !!

·      We want our Local Community Artists to have a Forum where they can work and sell every single day in a nice environment

·      We as the ART 2 art Gallery hope to benefit from all the additional Customers coming into our Center and making us a focal point for Interior Design.

So – thank you for helping us – even if it is just SHARING our cause with family and friends, talking about it and making our concept REALITY.

Thank you – Thank you so many times and God Bless you