Stephen Wessells

Las Vegas, Nevada Abstract Artist

Stephen Wessells was raised in Palo Alto, California the son of a Stanford University Biologist father and a wonderful registered nurse mother. His youth was spent immersed in nature and busy with the family obsessions of sports and creating things of all kinds. Stephen is a self taught abstract painter who began formal art training with Julinya De Vince in Las Vegas in 2018. His abstract works are inspired by master painters of the past century like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Joan Miro.

Stephen’s professional background as a documentary filmmaker has refined his sense of design and composition which has a major influence on his paintings. He uses a variety of methods to apply paint to a canvas. These include, painting, pouring, dripping, splashing, spraying, scraping and spreading paint like frosting on a cake. Besides conventional brushes, he applies paint directly with his hands and uses tools including diverse receptacles, palette knives, rags and toothbrushes, among other things. His loose, unstructured approach to painting is well suited to creating abstract art.

Stephen’s parents enthusiasm for art and creating things has made his painting seem natural and a joy. His incredible wife Sara and two adult children, Alli and Jack have been his vital captive audience in his journey as an artist.

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