NOVEMBER 4th - 29th

Thanks to all of you, who have made us who we are today ...

The ART 2 art Gallery @ beautiful Tivoli Village

You and all our fantastic local and resident Artists have made us to what we are today. We have enjoyed the last 5 years here in Las Vegas, you have helped to create a dream come true. Two of the most beautiful Art Galleries we could imagine.Heiko has contracted a Long Covid Infection for far too long and suffers the consequences - so we decided that this Christmas we are finally moving on.

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Special Hours

( Mon-Sat 11am - 8pm ) ( Sun 11pm - 6 pm )

Closed Thanksgiving!

While most Artists join our BIG SALES - please check for the best prices with Sarah & Heiko. The Designer-Collection and LA Art are

30-50-70% off !!